Koh Lanta, Koh Phi Phi and Bangkok…

Koh Lanta

We arrived in Lanta anxious to find a room on Long Beach. It was getting hot and trekking down the beach with our heavy rucksacks didn’t seem so appealing anymore (in-fact it never really does..!). We tried to find motorbikes but were unsuccessful so we jumped on a tuk tuk to long beach where we found all the middle aged single men hanging out and tens upon hundreds of families. After having found nothing appealing about, we jumped on a pick up and went straight to Klong Nin on the south west side of Lanta to try and find a room at Fevrier where we stayed last year. Malay saw us and greeted us with a big hug and a smile whilst Lek gave us an immediate telling off for not letting her know we were coming. We stayed in their house as there were no rooms available and used the outdoor bathroom which was pretty simple with just a small bucket to wash with and a slimy frog every so often sitting near the tap waiting to jump on you whilst you weren’t looking (One of Sophie’s biggest fears). It was simple and perfect.
The few days In Koh Lanta we had were lovely and peaceful, due to such a heavy week in Phi Phi, it was the best decision we made. The boys, Robin and Oli, came and met us and stayed across the road at a sweet bungalow on the beach front. Sophie was reunited with her beloved Pizza (for any of you who don’t know Pizza is a very small puffy dog) who now only had one eye… very sad, some nasty little kids blinded her with a sling shot!
We rented out some motorbikes and drove down to the National park to see the evil monkeys and have a swim on a quiet beach for once. Robin coped pretty well on the bike, for it being his first time, even on the dirt track that you had to pass through to get to the park. The beach was lovely as ever and the ocean was so clear and warm it had to be one of the most refreshing swims we all had. The monkeys did come and attack at one point but thankfully it wasn’t our food this time! We raced it back before the rain drenched us all and had a quick drink at a small bar on the cliff top looking over the glistening ocean watching the sun set. In the evening we went out to the beach bars, ate some great Thai dishes, tried many different spring rolls (yes same same but different…) and ordered all kinds of Pad See Yew until Sophie actually got it (they kept giving her Pad Thai?!).

One evening we drove up to the local fish market and brought a very large 3 foot long barracuda fish, a kilo of king prawns and some fresh baby squid, which came to a total of £6, just a tad cheap we thought, in-fact it was all caught that morning, that is a big deal for us Londoners who are so use to eating what we call ‘Fresh fish – caught last week’. We brought it all back to our resort and Lek got Mom to cook it on the BBQ and show us how to season everything and not overcook the fish!! The food was bloody amazing and extremely filling as we brought enough for 10 people, then remembering there were only four of us. Having eaten out at so many places already we’d have to say that that had got to be one of the second best meals we’ve ever had (the first one was last year at Fevrier when we helped make fried fish, just too good for words)!
Unfortunately Sophie managed to get a bit of food poisoning the day before we were supposed to leave for Hat Yai so the boys had to go without us but at least managed to grab a lift with Malay who had to go back that way. Sophie and I rested it out for a couple of days and enjoyed an evening with Lek and everyone. Somehow Lek managed to send Mom (the cook) on his motorbike and find Claudy a birthday cake as it was her birthday the next day, which apparently took him most the day as everything was only pre-order. It was a complete surprise to her of course and so sweet of them to do. We cut the slices into four for all the staff and had a couple of tasty cocktails Mom had thought up which were actually really delicious! We were both so sad to leave the next day but we thought as it was Claudy’s birthday, Phi Phi was the place to go and party… again. We said our sad goodbyes and made our way to the crazy island where we were greeted with a nice surprise of no room touts. Not a good sign….

Koh Phi Phi

After much walking and cycling around looking for a room (Kris lent us his bicycle) and as there was not one at our wonderful Garden Homes, we found a 700 baht fan room which was pretty basic but fine and had breakfast included. We spent the afternoon chatting with Kris who told us to go to Garden Homes restaurant for dinner which we did. We got dressed up all 80’s of course, Sophie’s favourite theme, and headed to the restaurant looking like crazy’s covered in glow paint already. Kris welcomed us in and told us to get the fried fish, Claudia didn’t hesitate to say yes. The fish was fantastic, another thumbs up, and to Claudy’s surprise again she was presented with another birthday cake they had made for her, a yummy pancake with honey. We ate as much as we could and offered the rest to some happy customers before we made our way to the beach bars. Our evening was pretty drunken of course, we had enough buckets to last us two nights in a row but oh no we drank them all! Sophie was so sweet as to jump in the fire rope for Claudy (partly forced) and came out with a burnt foot… ouch! We danced through the night and met some mad French Parisians who joined us on the podium. When the curfew came, the annoying 1am close down, we chilled at Stone’s bar for all of 5 minutes until we got accosted by a sleazy Spaniard who was leeching on Sophie, so we moved on home. On our way back Soph managed to announce to some randoms it was Claudia’s birthday and all of a sudden people were singing Happy Birthday To Ya’, it was amaaazing! A girl even got out her neon confetti and started throwing it all around like there was no end, where was it all coming from!!? It was really great and being so drunk and confused it felt more of a bazaar dream.
The morning after was of course pretty horrific as well as our free breakfast (no it wasn’t that bad, was just that you could only ever order toast.. toast toast toast AND jam jam jam!!). That day we met our neighbours who were a couple and also French Parisians (a lot of French this time of year??). They were lovely and most days we hung out with them on our porch. They worked at Ibiza Bar and thought we recognised them, alcohol has an amazing effect on making you forget…
Elly and her gang of friends she met in Koh Phan Gan came over to the party land and stayed at out hostel, resort, hotel thing..?! (Never know what to call them… Room with a porch?). Anyway we hung out with them for quite a few days, chilling on the beach, partying mainly where poor Sophie got extremely drunk one night, think it was those lethal free vodka shots they give out, and Claudy had to take her home but of course not forgetting to save the poor monkey on the way. Sophie was determined to do something about it but unfortunately didn’t happen due to the fact she could barely walk. After two days of Sophie recovering from her horrific incident, we chilled out some more and the group went off to Maya bay for Ellie’s pre birthday present, which we unfortunately couldn’t afford, to camp out for the night. We hung out with our neighbours and then headed to the beach bars for another boogie. Claudia didn’t shut up all night, lots and lots of shit chat about god knows what, possibly the red bull brought this on, until it was nearly 1am! We danced our little asses off for the last hour and had a blast.
We saw the group return from their epic camping journey looking pretty exhausted, and they packed their bags ready to leave for Phuket. We said our goodbyes and stayed on for our last night in Phi Phi. We spent some time at Garden Homes harassing Kris and stealing his internet whilst being offered exotic fruits we’d never tried before, like tasty ripe oranges, moist fresh peanuts and juicy watermelon. Their pet kitten Anna was still there, after we found her on the beach lost and Kris worrying about her for days (what heros we are!). In the evening we went out to one of our favourite restaurants called Garlic and had some pretty awful spring rolls which upset Sophie’s tummy… again (she’s very sensitive to anything remotely ‘funky’ tasting). After our not so impressive meal, we visited our Parisian friends’ new room by the beach which was really cute, a dozen or more bamboo bungalows just far enough away from the music only costing 500 baht a night. We had a drink with them and then hung out with their neighbours who were also French and completely stoned. After much difficulty understanding what one of the girls was saying, the both of us headed back to the beach for one last night. We had a great evening, not too drunken, and hovered straight over to Ibiza bar where Claudia was forced literally FORCED to jump in the fire skipping rope. Claudia actually did this as she was told a free and very strong alcoholic bucket was involved if she got in for just a few seconds. She jumped in and lasted about 2 minutes until the rope was going as fast as it possibly could… She was surprisingly amazing! So much drama and shock, we drank some large gulps of strong bucket and danced the night away until our limbs ached.

The morning after was a little bit of a sensitive one for sophie as her tummy was NOT agreeing with last night’s shenanigans and knew it had to travel to Bangkok by bus that day. Claudia ate her scrumptious toast with jelly and Sophie surprisingly did not. We filled her up on Imodium and headed back to the beach for one last goodbye, plus we got kicked out of our room. Sophie pulled herself together and we both made it over to the pier to catch our boat. Getting on the bus from the boat was pretty easy but pretty uncomfortable the whole way to Bangkok. The bus shook so much we thought the seats were going to ping off their hinges! All in all, go by train if you want to sleep and not hit your forehead on the front seat every 30 seconds!!


We arrived early morning somewhere near Koh San Road. We were forced into taxis to travel somewhat 800 yards which of course we knew was stupid and this con had happened to us last time. We were just waking up slowly when we were pleasantly greeted by a drunk Thai girl telling Sophie she wanted to lick her…..“£”*% $*^ %**^&” (Unfortunately have to blank that, but the amusement of it sent Claudia off choking on her water). We trekked through the centre looking for a room but none were available until 1 pm which we weren’t willing to stay awake for (this is again why you catch the sleeper train!). Eventually we settled for a room at Koh San Palace Hotel where we only had to wait until half 9 in the morning to move in. We had two and a half hours to wait so we killed time by emailing and facebook stalking friends (not so adventurous but we both thought we should stay put in-case Sophie passes out in the streets). We later on managed to move into our room which was surprisingly lovely and looked brand spanking new. The only problem was that we were only some feet away from the main Koh San Road so our evenings weren’t the quietest. We solved this problem though by turning the sound on the TV up as we found this sent us to sleep..?!
Our few days in Bangkok we spent shopping on the Koh San Road and MBK Centre just out of town. We brought plenty of presents for family and about two for ourselves, that wasn’t how it was suppose to work out but ah well, we just love our families far too much… We went for a tasty crispy pork meal (yes last taste of red meat before we hit home..) and spicy fried rice in a cute little courtyard at a place called Hippies De Bar which looked exactly how you’d think… hippy style. They had decked out the courtyard in bright colourful chairs, patterned paisley sofas, fun looking cutlery and a 60’s London style vintage clothes shop. It seemed to have the most relaxed vibe around and many Thai customers which normally means good food which it was! We ventured back to the nightclub we went to the last time we were in Bangkok but then realised we literally had no money plus it was dead inside so we made a drastic decision to go home without having danced a single second.
Our last day we spent by the pool which was very relaxing until we were accosted by some Northern English boys who soaked pretty much everyone sunbathing around it. They began blaring their cheesy RnB music to the point they thought they were so irresistible they were chatting up these two unfortunate Swedish girls who didn’t look the slightest bit impressed, in-fact we saw one of them immediately shove her headphones in as one got chatting. Not that we’re becoming grumpy old snobs already but it really was quite annoying being our last day and all… you can’t help but get irritated after a while! Anyway we had a long sunbathe and went back to Hippies De Bar for a last meal before we had to head to the airport. Claudia was determined to have her sticky rice with mango and coconut milk which she got and then straight after we proceeded to pack all our belongings which was all a bit sad as we both knew it was now time to leave… We grabbed our stuff and made our way onto the busy Koh San Road to go catch a taxi. We got one on meter which was a surprise to the both of us and had one of the fastest journeys to the airport we could remember, the amount of close calls made us rethink how we viewed planes…
Bangkok airport is ridiculously long! We gave up on the shopping front and went straight to our gate where we saw Ian my godmothers husband board the plane. He came over and said hi and sorry for not upgrading us (how could he! Never coming in peak season again) and got on to fly the plane home. Our journey back to England was in-fact very peaceful and we both slept for the first time in a long time. The journey went so fast it was weird. We were all of a sudden off the plane, on the tube and then onto a bus back to Fulham. From being in hot heat 12 hours ago and then smacked in the face with bloody cold miserable whether sitting on London public transport listening to school kids playing music from their phones and talking about crude things, we both all of a sudden wanted to be back in Asia again… Surprise much? We think not. Please lets buy a Moped…


Best New Years Ever….in Phi Phi!

Christmas evening we spent round the fire with good friends we met and Thai people who worked at the resort, playing guitars and bongos whilst having a game of ring of fire which seemed to fizzle out after much confusion of how to play… (the Thai lot of course, far too many rules!).

We headed over to the mainland of Phi Phi island, away from our exotic retreat, and walked round and up to our booked accommodation at Golden Hill which was not what we expected. The room was dirty and pretty much half built and, just to top it off, smelt of sewage. We made a quick exit out to have a look at our old accommodation at P.P Garden Homes and saw Kris our friend who worked there and magically happened to have a spare room for us the next day! (very lucky as most places were booked..). We managed to get most of our money back from smelly hill and slept, well… barely, one night and legged it over to our beautiful Garden homes which was about £3 more in price and worth every penny! Sophie noticed Kris had a new pet kitten so she and I were over joyed (we get like this about small animals) and felt very much at home.

A couple of days later our friends turned up, Oli, Robin, George (who oh my god looked completely different, Thailand had changed him for the better), Elly and Tommy. In that time we spent in Phi Phi with everyone we all took a boat trip to monkey beach, and Maya bay, snorkelling and all scaring the crap out of each other, by avoiding sea enemies. We had met up with some lovely American girls at the time who were teaching at George’s school and they came joined in on our drunken evenings, in fact they were madder than us! Hehe. We headed straight for the beach in the evenings and the boys would play their guitars after the music stopped at 1 in the morning where we would find to our surprise everyone from the beach huddling around them in a circle listening and shouting songs at them to play. Around 200 people listening!

On New Year’s Eve we all got completely smashed of course, firstly at our place playing ring of fire and painting ourselves with glow paint and drinking from an enormous bucket! The countdown happened twice but we were all too happy to care, we were just too merry and excited to be in Thailand all together. We spent a lot of the night chatting away to each other and dancing till our legs gave way! A journey home which usually took 5 minutes took an hour as we brought food, sophie had a lay down on an ice cream fridge, sophie fell on the floor laughing at someone and tommy saved a damsel in distress. We then spent the last half an hour of it talking on the side of the road about god knows what, and all got bitten to death by mosquitos only to notice it was nearly 7 in the morning! It had to be one of the best new years we can remember…

New Years Day topped off our time with our friends, we sat on the beach outside Stone’s bar listening to music and the boys with their guitars, talking more about stuff we now cannot remember. We all just relaxed and did nothing, it was perfect…
We all began to go our separate ways and we headed to Koh Lanta for a bit of peace and quiet…

Koh Phan Gnan, Khao Sok, Ao Nang, Phi Phi…

Well it’s been a pretty good week, we arrived in Koh Phan Gnan and had a great few nights partying and meeting some great people. Dancing on the beach is the way to do it, fireworks, fire dancers, fire skipping ropes, buckets of samsong, equals good times! In the days we usually rested off the night before, however we did a couple of motorbike drives around the island. One involved a ridiculous dirt track over to the East coast where we found a gorgeous secluded beach and on another trip we ended up in Song Thala (main town) where we sat and had coffee watching the world go by and finished off with some delicious food from a little food stall. It was difficult to leave are room, which had the best view ever, literally on the ocean panoramic view and of course are beloved pet cat who would spend days with us on the porch. It was time to leave and head for the West Coast.

A long trip lead us to Khao Sok National Park, we had three days in the jungle, literally THE JUNGLE, so many bizarre creatures and critters!! We spent a day trekking into the rain forest, an hour in we found a waterfall and sat as butterflies surrounded us due to our bright clothing, we were covered in them as we sat and watched the rapids, Sophie got attacked by a couple of leaches and we made a speedy exit back onto the track. We spent a lot of our time trying to figure out what all the weird noises were around us, came across strange birds, crickets and lizards. The town was pretty quiet even though it was peak season, seems mainly families and older people come here, but it was a nice sleepy village in the middle of the mountains.

Another mini van trip took us down to Ao Nang where we spent a crazy night with a Thai bar lady called Nok, she showed us the sights and introduced us to many many many people and entered us into a pool competition, we didn’t win but we didn’t suck either! The next morning was an early tired boat ride over to Koh Phi Phi…ahhh paradise for Christmas. So here we are it is Christmas day, we have the most fantastic rustic, delux room on the beach with the best view of Koh Phi Phi Ley. We are staying at Viking Nature Resort, which is extremely lovely and relaxed, we have made some good friends and are looking forward to tonight’s barbeque and fun! We have spent our three perfect days here, relaxing on the private beach, admiring the view from our porch with cocktails, music and friends, eating good food and yesterday kayakked for 5 hours! We definitely earned tonight’s Christmas dinner….

Perfect Pai

So after our fantastic journey up to Pai we arrived and settled into our new home for the next four days, the absolutely beautiful ‘Countryside’.
It was just outside town, about five minutes walk. Our hut overlooked a little pond and you could climb up these little stairs onto our rooftop and look out at 360 degree panoramic view of Pai’s perfect countryside, buffalo grazing in the fields, mountain peaks dotted about and locals working away in the fields.

The days we spent relaxing in hammoks, or sipping coffee in the arty little coffee shops and wandering the quirky Pai streets, filled with character and happy smiling faces. Pai is not a place you can describe really, nothing we could say would live up to how amazing this place is. In the evening the place comes to life, market stalls line the streets, bars tucked behind these, colourful lights and great live jazzy music plays out into the street. We met some fantastic people, Thai and Farang (tourists), especially at Jikko’s Bar in the centre of town. If you go to Pai go to this bar, the cocktails are cheap and delicious and the family who run it are great. If you are looking for something a little more mad head to Ting Tong just over the main bridge. The owner is quite literally crazy (ting tong in Thai). Everything else in Pai closes at midnight and the only place that stays open is a little strip of bars just outside the town, which is great as you get the best of both worlds. You can party the night away or get a well earned nights rest.

Our last day we drove through the countryside passing elephants on morning strolls down the road, to hot springs (literally like taking a hot bath), waterfalls, bizarre hill tribe villages and generally soaked up as much of Pai as we could. We sat in a jazzy live bar and had our portraits done by this talented Thai cartoonist before heading back to our place to light a lantern and watch it drift into the star filled night sky, ahhh…perfect Pai!

Pai to Koh Phan Gnan

The next few days were crazy and a bit of a blur, we drove down to Chiang Mai then caught the overnight train to Bangkok, had a day wondering round busy Chatuchak market, MBK and Siam Paragon before catching another overnight train to Surat Thani, caught a bus to the pier then a boat to the island…phew! More on Koh Pahn Gnan next blog….

Chiang Mai

It was not one of our greatest ideas to attempt to get to the train station during the King’s birthday celebration in Bangkok. We stepped out of our guest house to find the traffic at stand still. We ran through the main streets where normally you can’t help but be hounded by tuk tuks and taxis, only to find the roads completely blocked off, bright lights and Thai people celebrating to their hearts content. Oh holy crap…we looked at the watch we now only had 30 minutes to get to the station and on our train. We just started to run in the right direction down some obscure side street, then out of the blue a thai guy appears on a moped…’where you go?’ there was no time for us to think, so our 2 massive bags were wedged in front of him and the two of us held tightly on the seat…we sped through huge traffic jams, on to and along pavements, through car parks, you name it….but we made it! A cold (take a spare blanket if you are in air con) but lovely over night train journey brought us to fabulous Chiang Mai.

We stayed for 4 days at Deejai Guesthouse, basic but lovely place with very friendly and helpful staff. We rented out mopeds and explored the city and surrounding area. The Saturday and Sunday Walking Street Markets were colourful and busy, Sunday was slightly better as it was a little more relaxed, the prices up North are ridiculously cheap! We had a great day of exploration at the handicraft village, finding the perfect contacts for some items and materials we are interested in shipping back for the business. Good food and cafes are everywhere and the people here are more relaxed and the vibe is very chilled out. The night life is good, especially a little cluster of bars located near Julie’s guesthouse. We spent our nights bopping our heads to Thai Indie bands and a crazy Thai lady in Reggae Bar who really reminds us of Janis Joplin! The final day was spent on Doi Suthep, the mountain overlooking the city. We had a relaxed afternoon next to the waterfall with the thais picnicking and splashing in the rapids and then drove right to the top to look at the fab view of the whole of Chiang Mai.

We had a great time and found it hard to leave, but we were both so excited about our drive to Pai nothing was going to hold us back. We left at 8am and started our 5 hour journey. The first hours stretch is slightly dull, just a straight dual carriageway, route 107, but as soon as you turn onto route 1095 you start the exciting climb up the mountain! We stopped for some tasty fresh coffee to keep us going, and filled up our petrol tanks! Make sure you drive on a full tank, we took automatic drive mopeds which Thais told us not to do as our hand would get tired, but we think it’s because they don’t want you taking the nice bikes up to Pai. The drive has many curves and is not to steep so is a lot of fun to drive, and in general was extremely safe, as long as you don’t drive like a maniac and keep an eye on the curves for on coming traffic, it is fantastic! Highly recommended, don’t go by bus, go by bike!!! We got to stop where we like and admire the view and go at our own pace….so I guess you could say we bloody loved it and didn’t want it to end. Sophie made it just in time before her petrol ran out. Oh and Sophie has recovered from her fainting incident. Turns out when she fell and hit her head she gave herself vertigo (something to do with your ears) anyway every night she has been doing special exercises and is now feeling much more human!! So here we are in Pai, we all ready love it but we will leave that till our next blog….

Bangkok In 3 Days

Our BA flight brought us safely into Bangkok, Sophie was cool as cucumber and has officially defeated her fear of flying. A little turbulence at the start and after that smooth all the way.

Bangkok is absolutely baking with heat, not a drop of rain in sight! Our guesthouse – Sawadee House on Rambuttri Road is so nice and it’s quiet compared to some of the places we have stayed in the Kao San area, near everything but peaceful, highly recommend it!! We were both suffering extreme jet lag and after possibly the longest sleep in the world we felt human, ready to head out.

Explored the whole area, down little streets past stalls selling everything under the sun. The street food is fantastic except for the chicken sattay, steer clear of these, just lumps of fat and sauce…The mango and sticky rice or fresh prawn omelette with rice is the best breakfast to get you ready to hit the shops. We haggled our way down the Kao San Road, nabbed ourselves some new bikinis and sunglasses ready for the sunshine, proper 80’s style. Bangkok is beautiful, the people are as smiley and happy as ever.

The stunning Vertigo Bar on the 59th floor is the perfect place to see the city in it’s full glory, we had the pricey but fantastic cocktails; ‘Sex on the Moon’ is delicious! However at 350 baht (£7) we were paying London prices so we headed back to Kao San for a cheap drink from a side stall, Sophie had the company of a 40 something guy trying to convince her to go to Nepal. So we escaped for a much needed dance in The Club. We felt sorry for this guy by himself who seemed extremely gay (but we figured out later was not) and thought we’d be nice and dance with him, after about 2 hours he asked us if we had boyfriends, when we explained we were a couple he vanished, like magic, not even a goodbye. We laughed and carried on dancing the night away with a fun bunch of Swedish people.

The next day Claudia had a good old Thai Oil Massage, 200 baht for 1 hour, pretty good value for money! Then it was time for China town and we even managed to get a tuk tuk for 50 baht which was pretty unbelievable (if you go further down the street away from Kao San road then you can flag down tuk tuks which don’t rip you off as much)! As soon as we arrived in China Town we got a bit lost down some quiet alleys which then led us to some great turnip cake and pork dumpling stands which we weren’t complaining about… (although I still rate Cha Cha Moon’s Turnip Cake in London). Then to our surprise we were standing in the middle of a war zone between two mental Thai men throwing glass bottles at each other in the street which we ended up having to duck away from… This didn’t end our eating though, so we carried on and visited some more stalls, away from the chaos! We found a Tsumai Stall (Little dumplings) and then another and proceeded to eat all of what we had sat on the curb. Staight after we jumped on a tuk tuk back to Kao San and had a large green tea each which Claudia had to beg for (for some reason they’ve only grown a liking to Lipton, sorry I mean tourist tea). It was nice to relax and watch people, that’s one of our hobbies…

Our final day here in Bangkok and we’re already excited about catching the Night Train to Chiang Mai! Poor Sophie didn’t have a great morning by fainting at the front door and giving herself a cartoon bump on the back of her head… A kind Thai Lady was there to help who, in her best English, tried to call Claudia to come help but couldn’t understand. Eventually Claudia figured and ran to Sophie’s rescue who didn’t have a clue what was going on! All very confusing, but Soph spent the day relaxing with a pack of ice on her head, Ahhh.

Off To Chiang Mai!…

Good Bye London… Sawadee Ka Thailand!!

Off we go!!! It is finally time, we have said our farewells, packed our bags (10 times!!) and finally combated Sophie’s fear of flying. Sunday night we leave our beloved London with BA and head for sunny Bangkok. We have a whirlwind of a tour this time and hopefully a few new places and faces along the way.

We are off to do a bit of research for our new furniture business, as well as exploring Northern Thailand by motorbike and then heading down South for a well earned rest and party. We are super excited to be joined by Oli, Robin, George, Elly and Tommy for New Years 2010 on Phi Phi island. Anyone else up for a massive New Years celebration come on and enjoy the fun!!!

If you want to come visit, send us an email or a facebook and we will let you know where we can meet up.

Our planned route is Bangkok – Chiang Mai – Pai – Mae Hong Song – Koh Phan Gnan (East Coast) – Koh Chang (mini one) – Ao Nang – Phi Phi – Koa Sok National Park – Haad Rin – Bangkok plus possibly Koh Lanta, Hat Yai and Koh Muk…

So check back for snippets of our adventures weekly,

all our love, see you soon!!